October 1 2018: Version 2.4

Newest available version!

This is the final version of MineMojo legacy which will be supported.

August 27 2018: Version 2.3

- Added the MineMojo Offerwall! You can now complete tasks to earn extra Satoshi, for more information tap "Offerwall" in the menu!
- Small fixes to the cashout page that could cause the app to crash on some devices

August 25 2018: Version 2.2

- PayPal payments now work for unverified accounts as well as verified accounts!
- Design updates to make custom themes work on the PayPal payment page

August 24 2018: Version 2.1.1

- Fixes for bugs introduced in version 2.1. Thanks for reporting them!

August 24 2018: Version 2.1

- PayPal payments are finally here! Download the update to start withdrawing to your PayPal wallet!
- Design updates to the payments system
- Other small bug fixes and improvements

August 20 2018: Version 2.0

MineMojo is finally back! We've added loads of new features in this update, including UI changes, bug fixes and security improvements! For more information, check out our blog. (blog.minemojo.com)

May 13 2018: Version 1.4.1

- New backend VPS server to handle our intensive requests! This means that if we experience high traffic everything should continue to work smoothly instead of displaying error messages and random crashes.
- Further fixes to the Google AdMob ad codes

May 12 2018: Version 1.4

This update has a new package name! This means that the update will be treated as a second app, instead of an update to an existing app. Please delete the old version of Mobile Miner (v.1.3.7 or below) before installing the update to avoid confusion between the 2 apps.

- Ads are working correctly again, video verification should work along with all the banner ads.
- New backend updates to improve user experience.
- Additional payment bug fixes

May 10 2018: Version 1.3.7

Ads stopped showing due to our Play Store account being suspended. This update has new ad codes that should start showing later today, when the new ads work you will be able to use video ad verification again.

May 9 2018: Version

- Important fix for the bug introduced in VC1360 which caused all payments to fail

May 9 2018: Version 1.3.6

- New APK file to fix the error on launch
- Slight changes to our payment debug system

May 8 2018: Version 1.3.5

- Permanent bug fix for the Coinbase API errors
- Possible bug fix for the internet connection errors
- New earnings calculator available in-app
- We now host our apps through our own website instead of Google Play

April 30 2018: Version 1.3.2

- Important fix to the bug that could cause users to lose their earnings if there was a Coinbase API error
- Added an option in settings to toggle button tap vibration, it's not for all the buttons yet but it works for most.

April 30 2018: Version 1.3.1

Update notes are not available

April 29 2018: Version 1.3

Update notes are not available

January 13 2018: Version 1.2.4

- Made the payment system public (not functional, just a demo)
- Added the screensaver option, stops the phone from going on autolock

December 22 2018: Version 1.2.2

Update notes are not available

December 20 2018: Version 1.2.1

Update notes are not available

December 17 2018: Version

Update notes are not available

December 17 2018: Version

Update notes are not available

December 16 2018: Version 1.2

- We've rebuilt Mobile Miner to create a better experience for you, our valued users.

- Complete redesign
- Much more responsive and fast to switch between pages
- Added the earnings counter!
- Mining now works while switching pages
- Mining works, but slows down, when running in the background
- Added the Miner Chatroom, a place where you can connect with other users while mining
- Almost all of the bugs are solved
- Brand new help center

And more! Download the Mobile Miner app today!

October 22 2017: beta-1.1.x (ID-17102120)

BETA-1.1.x - New features, enabled auto-updates for versions 1.1.0-1.1.9

October 14 2017: beta-1.0.0 (ID-17101309)

BETA-1.0.0 - Beta Release